Avanti agree pay deal with train drivers set to earn £600 a shift for overtime

Avanti agree pay deal with train drivers set to earn £600 a shift for overtime

25 Mar    Finance News, News

Avanti West Coast has reached an agreement with the union Aslef to increase the fee for train drivers working overtime shifts to £600. This deal aims to incentivise drivers to work extra shifts, thereby enhancing the reliability and resilience of Avanti’s services.

Previously, the overtime deal involved a flat £125 payment plus an hourly rate, totaling between £421 and £495 for an eight- or ten-hour shift. The new agreement, valid until March 13, 2025, provides an increased flat fee of £600 in addition to a driver’s salary.

Although the Sunday Times suggested that some drivers could potentially earn up to £100,000 per year with this arrangement, neither Aslef nor Avanti confirmed these figures. However, the agreement is expected to contribute to improving service quality for customers, particularly along the West Coast Main Line.

Avanti has faced criticism for service disruptions, cancellations, and delays. Despite calls to terminate its contract, the government has expressed its intention to address underlying issues rather than changing the operator. Meanwhile, Aslef has accepted Avanti’s offer, aiming to resolve issues related to staffing and service reliability.

This settlement stands apart from the broader dispute between Aslef and several rail companies in England over drivers’ pay and working conditions. The ongoing dispute has led to multiple strikes and planned industrial actions.

As of 2021, the median salary for train drivers was £59,189 per year, indicating the significance of the wage increase offered by Avanti.

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