All hail the Business Champion Awards finalists of the ‘Innovation of the Year Award’

All hail the Business Champion Awards finalists of the ‘Innovation of the Year Award’

Without innovation you’re just standing still and in business you can never afford to do that.

These companies, all based across the UK, are absolute champions of innovation. Refusing to sit still on their laurels they’re challenging the status quo on a daily basis. Propelling each of their chosen industries forwards, these are the Business Champion Awards ‘Business Innovation of the Year’ Finalists. Reading your websites has been inspirational, I’m looking forward to meeting you all at the grand finale in March.


Videosign knew that they needed to provide extra layers of enhanced compliance and security for their digital, intuitive cloud-based remote system for end-to-end client engagement and remote signing and witnessing of documentation. With global laws changing to allow digital signatures and remote witnessing, and cyber fraud increasing, their platform evolved faster than they could have imagined during the pandemic to enhance security and support remote working in ‘the new normal’.

The Simulator Company

Genuinely believing that with simulation, lives can be saved, The Simulator Company is the first British company to manufacture advanced ECLS manikin-based simulators designed to mimic realistic clinical scenarios. All of their patented products are designed to fulfil current and future clinical training needs, helping to simulate challenging clinical scenarios and vastly improve each trainee’s technical skills.


Working with the belief that all who create music should have equal opportunities in sync placement, regardless of their location, connections, finances, or fame, SyncLodge have created a powerful B2B ecosystem for music supervisors, visual production companies and copyright holders/administrators, to conclude all the sync licensing tasks needed to professionally license music.


Spacebands is a wearable device that collaborates with their mobile and web app ecosystem. It offers hazard prompts, wellness reminders and employee feedback about your workplace dangers, so that businesses stop approaching safety practices with guess-work. Over 1000 businesses worldwide now use them, improving workplace safety and calm.


‘The light you can’t see, until you choose to see it’, Shine A Light’s revolutionary concept in lighting design, ‘Eclipse’ is a British engineering masterpiece, acclaimed by interior designers and buyers from prestigious hotels around the globe. Representing a new generation in lighting that is more sculpture than traditional light, Eclipse gives out light on demand, but stands as a stylish feature in its own right, opening and closing whenever it’s desired.

Simply Doughnuts

Manufacturing doughnuts in a range of flavours and sizes that are designed to last longer than their competitors has opened up vast amounts of opportunity for Simply Doughnuts both across the UK and with brands internationally. Investing intensively in the development of long-life food technologies, they have set the standard globally on how to extend the life of food whilst reducing the amount of wastage across food, packaging and energy consumed in the making and transportation of the goods.


If EV vehicles are the future, then charging stations need to become commonplace too. For those people renting accommodation or living in apartments where parking is limited, there’s no easy solution. Until Nodum’s ChargeBridge entered the space. Using height and length to their advantage they solve the issue quickly and easily for users.

Medical Logistics

Medical Logistics was set up to solve two issues within the medical world – lost medical packages and timely medical tests. Eradicating delays for medical tests and ensuring no more lost or damaged packages they offer a full courier service for medical practices and also offer ‘at-home’ test services in London and across the UK.

Staying on top of a build project’s time-critical and expense elements is now possible with‘s platform. Powered by insightful analytics and real-time progress visualisation, the team has digitalised the collection of project material status with a cloud-based collaborative platform to update and share status reports. This replaces mundane processes of spreadsheets or email chains, whilst ensuring that no data is lost or misrepresented.

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