5 Great Ways To Get Your Independent Business More Customers 

5 Great Ways To Get Your Independent Business More Customers 

13 Jan    Business, Finance News

There’s no doubt that independent businesses need sales to survive. But with inflation and economic difficulties hitting many households, getting customers in the door has been a struggle for many businesses lately.

Businesses need enough customers to get sales. So make sure you’re doing everything possible to secure more customers all year round.

1. Make Your Name Visible

Remember that your current customers are your allies. They’re selling you when they boast about your business to their friends or families. So make your brand name visible and let your customer feel a part of the business with a custom keychain.

In designing your image, you can push the atmosphere of your business without sending a single tweet. In getting your idea out there, on an everyday time like a set of keys, when friends, family, or colleagues notice, they’ll start to ask questions. Word of mouth will spread.

In creating a design that your current customers can own with pride, they’ll truly become a champion of the company, becoming a brand ambassador.

2. Use Social Media

As reluctant as some companies might be to adopt this method, social media is a fantastic marketing tool. Use the platforms you like, or branch out and get every forum you can. The more customer engagement, the better. Why not TikTok a tutorial or have an Instagram hashtag that your customers can get trending?

The more involved in social media you are, the more you’ll see your engagement grow.

3. Highlight Your Achievements

Never be afraid to highlight just how fantastic your independent business is. Remember, customers are more likely to go if others before them loved the experience. So actively encourage customers to leave a review.

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To entice them more, you could do a lucky dip for reviewers and give the winning customer a free experience, be that a coffee, a print from your studio, or a free yoga session.

4. Create a Culture

Small businesses are brilliant at creating cultures. Be that of sustainability, kindness, or unique quirkiness. Whatever culture you want to create, make sure to get your customers involved.

If you aren’t sure, talk to your customers. What matters to them in their local area? How could your business be of assistance to that? For example, if your business is a cafe local to the coast, then perhaps sealife preservation is crucial to your community.

To create a culture that cares, tap into a critical issue and join the movement to show customers that your business is ready to take a stand.

5. Host Events

Hosting events is a great way to build on your relationships with pre-existing customers and an excellent way to get you noticed by new ones.

Whether you take part in the local farmer’s market, you put on a Christmas party with discounted deals, or you do something for your community, you have to be seen to be believed.

So Get Out There!

Make your brand visible and get your name heard! By following these five tips, you’ll create new clientele and secure the loyalty of those already at your side.

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