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May 14

Mother’s Day Special: Discover why Cape Town is called South Africa’s Mother City

Often referred to as the Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town is known to be the first formally established city in the year 1652. In the 1930s, a local newspaper termed that it is the only city that can claim to be a ‘metropolis’ derived from the Greek word ‘metros’ and ‘polis’ meaning mother […]
May 28

India’s connect with Europe | Book Review: Doolally Sahib and the Black Zamindar by MJ Akbar

By Rudranath Sanyal In his seminal book, The Great Mutiny: India 1857, popular historian Christopher Hibbert had reproduced a startling observation of Lady Charlotte Canning, the first Vicereine of British India. She said English families that had settled in India before the Mutiny of 1857, were “more insipid and dull than words can explain…and generally […]