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Jun 20

Businesses Struggle with AI and Green Tech Amid Persistent Skills Shortages

New data from the Business Barometer report, published by The Open University in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce, indicates that nearly two-thirds (62%) of UK organisations continue to report significant skills shortages. Although there has been a modest improvement from last year’s 73%, the skills gap remains a prevalent issue across all sectors […]
Jun 16

Saudi Arabia Attracts British Lawyers with Lavish Perks and High Salaries

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is enticing British lawyers to Saudi Arabia’s megaprojects with luxurious benefits, including free housing and private school fees for their children. These perks are part of a broader strategy to attract top talent to help realise the Crown Prince’s Vision 2030 economic transformation plan. State-owned companies in Saudi Arabia, such […]
Jun 16

HMRC Fails to Fine a Single ‘Enabler’ of Offshore Tax Fraud in Five Years

The UK’s tax authority, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), has not fined a single “enabler” of offshore tax evasion in the past five years, despite possessing landmark powers to impose substantial fines. This revelation raises concerns about the efficacy of the measures introduced to tackle tax evasion. In 2017, new laws were introduced allowing HMRC […]
Jun 13

Tory Welfare Reforms Cost Working-Age Families Thousands, Pensioners Benefit – Report

Radical changes to the UK welfare system implemented by the Conservatives over the past decade have disproportionately benefited pensioners and individuals on disability benefits, while working-age families face significant financial losses, according to a recent report by the Resolution Foundation. The report highlights that the Conservative Party’s 14-year overhaul of social security has redirected spending […]