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Feb 19

‘Soaring’ over hills or ‘playing’ with puppies, study finds seniors enjoy virtual reality

Breadcrumb Trail Links PMN Business Author of the article: The Associated Press Terry Spencer Published Feb 19, 2024  •  5 minute read Join the conversation Article content POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Retired Army Col. Farrell Patrick taught computer science at West Point during the 1970s and then at two private universities through the 1990s, […]
Feb 14

Mexican regulators tell Amazon to wall off Prime TV, reveal its algorithms and open up delivery

Article content MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican regulators have ordered online retailers Amazon and Mercado Libre to reveal their algorithms, and to wall off TV streaming to avoid stifling competition. Mexico’s Federal Commission on Economic Competition, known by its initials as COFECE, said in a preliminary finding late Tuesday that the two firms control 85% […]
Feb 13

Ukraine needs nearly $9 billion to rebuild its cultural sites and tourism industry, UN agency says

Article content PARIS (AP) — Ukraine will need nearly $9 billion over the next decade to rebuild its cultural sites and tourism industry following Russia’s invasion and war, the United Nations’ cultural agency said Tuesday. UNESCO estimated that the country’s interlinked culture and tourism sector have lost over $19 billion in revenue during the war […]
Feb 11

Greening Mardi Gras: Environmentalists push alternatives to plastic Carnival beads in New Orleans

Article content NEW ORLEANS (AP) — It’s a beloved century-old Carnival season tradition in New Orleans — masked riders on lavish floats fling strings of colorful beads or other trinkets to parade watchers clamoring with outstretched arms. It’s all in good fun but it’s also a bit of a “plastics disaster,” says Judith Enck, a […]