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Apr 27

UK Consumers Regain Financial Confidence Amid Easing Inflation, Reveals NatWest CEO

Consumer confidence is on the rise in the UK, with a hopeful outlook towards financial prospects emerging for the first time in two years, according to NatWest. Paul Thwaite, the bank’s chief executive, noted that the alleviation of price pressures, as inflation gradually recedes, appears to be resonating with the general public. While headline consumer […]
Apr 24

1 in 5 organisations have had company data exposed by an employee using AI tools such as ChatGPT

Twenty per cent of organisations admit that an employee at their organisation has exposed company data using AI tools such as ChatGPT, according to new research. The findings were revealed in Underfunded and Under Reported: Threats, Breaches, and Budgetsreport, a survey of 250 UK CISOs conducted by independent polling agency Censuswide, which detailed the intersection […]
Apr 23

Steven Bartlett Launches Flight Studio as he looks to revolutionise the Global Podcast Industry

Steven Bartlett, renowned entrepreneur and host of the highly acclaimed ‘The Diary of a CEO’ podcast, has announced the launch of Flight Studio, a pioneering global podcast media and technology company poised to revolutionise the industry. Building upon Bartlett’s success with ‘The Diary of a CEO,’ Flight Studio aims to transform podcasting by combining innovative […]
Apr 23

Businesses Unite to Boost Voter Turnout in the UK

Business groups, employers, and civil society organisations are joining forces to bolster voter turnout across the UK through the innovative Voter Registration Champions scheme launched by Citizens UK. With approximately 8 million people currently unregistered to vote, the initiative seeks to raise awareness and facilitate participation in the democratic process. Leading business associations, including the […]
Apr 18

UK Firms Set to Invest £338 Billion in Re-Industrialization Over Next Three Years, Research Reveals

In a bid to fortify supply chains and rejuvenate domestic manufacturing, UK firms are poised to inject a staggering £338 billion into re-industrialization initiatives over the next three years. Research conducted by professional services firm Capgemini reveals a substantial uptick in investment, reflecting a strategic shift towards bolstering national resilience and competitiveness. According to the […]