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NewsWatch: Here’s the hard-money call for why the boom in the economy and stock market will continue

MARKETWATCH FRONT PAGE You might think the hard-money, recession-at-every-corner crowd would be predicting an imminent reversal in the stock market given the 20% gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average this year. Not necessarily. See full story. Sanofi to acquire Synthorx for $2.5 billion The French pharmaceutical company said it plans to take control of […]

Remember When Russian Diesel Submarines Chased Down A British Nuclear Sub?

Key Point: We’ll probably never know what happened. Russian diesel subs chased a British nuclear sub off the Syrian coast, according to British media. The incident reportedly involved one or two Russian Kilo-class diesel-powered submarines, which have been dubbed the “Black Hole” by Western navies because they are remarkably quiet. Their prey was a British Astute-class […]

GOP lawmaker says 'out-of-the-box strategy' could give Trump an 'advantage' in impeachment hearings 

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., on Sunday said it would play to the “president’s advantage” to have his top administration officials, in an “out-of-the-box strategy,” testify in the upcoming impeachment hearings.  “[Do] you believe that Rudy Giuliani, Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo should all come testify now?” asked ABC’s “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos.  “I believe that […]

‘Peloton Girl’ rescued in new ad from actor Ryan Reynolds’s Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin, the liquor brand owned by the actor Ryan Reynolds, has mocked Peloton’s widely criticized holiday commercial with help from the same actress who appeared in a controversial ad for the exercise bike. Peloton’s advertisement went viral for all the wrong reasons. People have been obsessed with the stationary-bike advertisement showing a woman receiving […]