The 3 biggest challenges in building a tech team in 2024

The 3 biggest challenges in building a tech team in 2024

19 Jan    Business, Finance News

Building tech teams in 2024 presents a distinct array of obstacles. From attracting skilled individuals to keeping up with the swift advancements in technology, leaders must navigate a multifaceted environment to establish thriving teams.

This piece will delve into the six primary hindrances faced by companies when assembling tech teams in 2024.

Recruitment of specialists

A major hurdle when building tech teams is the limited availability of qualified talent. Finding and hiring a skilled tech team has always been a challenge, and this task has become even more difficult in 2024.

As technology continues to advance, the need for seasoned experts in specialties like front-end development has surged. As a result, the market for these skilled professionals has become fiercely competitive, posing challenges for companies looking to attract and keep top talent.


  • increase the competence of your recruitment team. Expand your team with specialized recruiters – they should be an essential part of your recruitment strategy, as you won’t find the best IT professionals on the most popular job boards.
  • Use external services. You don’t always have the time and resources to get the right recruiter to join your HR team. On the other hand, you know that misguided recruitments only generate additional costs. RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing – is a service in which the entire recruitment process is carried out for you by external, specialized recruiters experienced in industry-specific projects. They know how to get directly to matched candidates quickly. Who knows, they may even already have them in their database.

Managing the diversity of skills

An essential factor in creating inclusive tech teams is diversifying the digital skills of tech employees. This encompasses technical proficiency in various areas, such as programming languages, frameworks, and tools, as well as soft skills like communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

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Building technology teams whose members complement each other and reinforce each other’s skills will allow you to efficiently manage not only the project but also the team.


  • plan your restructuring strategy for the long term. Think today about what kind of team you will need tomorrow, and what kind of competencies you will need. Also, don’t overlook the issue of soft skills, what kind of approach to working your team has, and how they deal with organizing their work. Define which qualities are missing in your team and pay attention to them the next time you recruit.
  • Fill competence gaps. If you only need a certain competence for a particular project or project phase, consider including an external specialist in your team, e.g. through software development outsourcing. This will give you a specific competency rather than incurring the costs of permanent employment. When selecting a specialist for IT Outsourcing, do not forget the soft competencies so that he or she can quickly fit into the culture of your organization.

Technological change

As technology advances, software development teams must remain updated on the most current tools, frameworks, and programming languages. This is important not only for the sake of your products but also because the best programmers are constantly evolving. They will look for projects that are not only in line with their skills and pay well but also allow them to develop and make them curious.

The software development team working with an outdated tech stack may struggle to attract top talents. By staying on the cutting edge, technology teams can not only attract and retain top talent but also ensure they are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the future.

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  • develop your knowledge, follow the industry media, and of course – observe what new things are being done by the companies you aspire to become. There is nothing better than learning from those better than you.
  • listen to the comments of technical people – often people who are already part of the technology team suggest new solutions and technologies that can improve the work or increase the value of the project. Unfortunately, they are often ignored or their idea is pushed to a later date due to busy schedules. Try to make time for innovation.

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