Sweatband.com founder Maz Darvish exits to launch AI-technology company, CognitionHub

Sweatband.com founder Maz Darvish exits to launch AI-technology company, CognitionHub

Maz Darvish has announced he has left his role as Chief Transformation Officer at Sweatband.com, the company he co-founded in 2000, and has launched an e-commerce focussed AI-Technology business named CognitionHub.com

With a track record of founding, scaling, and successfully exiting multiple e-commerce and digital marketing businesses, Darvish will serve as the Chief Executive Officer of CognitionHub.com

CognitionHub.com assembles a seasoned team of experts in e-commerce, data science, creative design, and software development. They will be creating a range of AI-native SaaS products that will transform the operations of e-commerce companies to help them gain a competitive advantage.

The new business will be launching its first products in Q4 2023.

Speaking about the launch of CognitionHub.com Darvish said: “I am really excited not just to be returning to my digital roots but also at a time when AI represents a fantastic opportunity for e-commerce brands gain a structural advantage over their competitors, gain market share and ultimately increase profitability.

“Our first-hand knowledge of the e-commerce ecosystem gives us a unique insight into the challenges faced by mid to large-scale operators and this gives us a fantastic unique selling point. We have really been there, done that, and want to pass on our knowledge.”

The business has already secured agreements with multiple, well-known e-commerce brands such as Sweatband.comCardioFitness.de and JustMustard.com and has been beta testing AI SaaS offerings for several months.

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