‘Snakesgiving’: A Florida python hunter’s mom saved the day. The video has gone viral

‘Snakesgiving’: A Florida python hunter’s mom saved the day. The video has gone viral

26 Nov    Finance News

A mom in Florida helped her son out in a pinch. Actually, more than a pinch.

In video shared to his social media earlier this week, Martin County snake wrangler who goes by the names Trapper Mike and Python Cowboy posted amazing content of his mother assisting him at work.

The quick clip shows how they both were able to get a sizable python out from under a white sedan parked in a Florida home’s garage.

The woman, wearing an apron and flip-flops, pulls at the reptile’s tail as Henry Mancini’s classic song “Baby Elephant Walk” plays in the background.

“My hands are freezing,” says the woman.

While mom tugs, Mike Kimmel is busying himself at the back tire, where the roughly 6-footer is entangled.

What happens when you allow hundreds of snake hunters in the Everglades? You get a winner

Finally, the unwanted visitor is out, but then begins to wriggle outside the garage perilously close to the Florida shero.

“Oh, Michael!” she screams.

“Nice job, mom! You’re a freakin’ natural,” Kimmel says, while the person shooting the video nervously laughs.

Not only is she a natural, she’s also a social media star.

The TikTok post, with the hashtag #snakesgiving, has already received more than 3.5 million views.

It’s unclear how the python got to the house; Trapper Mike did not immediately return the Miami Herald’s request for more information. But one thing is for certain: That snake will never be anyone’s pet.

Pythons are an invasive species — meaning not native to Florida — brought to the United States in the 1980s as exotic pets. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, folks are allowed to remove and humanely kill the pythons on private land without a permit.

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