Roller blinds are part of your smart home

Roller blinds are part of your smart home

5 Apr    Business, Finance News

The world around smart home technology is getting bigger and more complicated. What started as a convenient way to control lights and temperature in the home has now become a complete home automation revolution.

Nowadays, you can make almost everything in your home smart, from the fridge to the hoover. And now it is even possible to add smart window coverings to your windows.

Smart controls

Smart window coverings offer numerous advantages. For instance, you can control the incidence of light without having to leave the house. With a simple finger swipe on your phone, you can open or close your smart blinds. This is also handy if you are watching a movie, for example, and the sunlight is blinding the screen. But it is also handy if you are not at home and want it to look like someone is.

Save energy

You can also save energy with smart window coverings. By automatically closing your electric roller blinds when the sun shines on the window, you can regulate the temperature in the house naturally. This reduces the need to turn on the air conditioning or heating, which in turn is good for the environment and your wallet.


Another advantage of smart window coverings is that they can improve your privacy. When you close the curtains, you can no longer see in from outside. This can be useful if you live on a busy street, for example, or if you like to maintain your privacy.


It is clear that the smart home world is growing and smart window coverings are an important part of it. Not only does it offer benefits in terms of convenience, energy savings and privacy, but it can also be a valuable addition to the interior of your home. Smart window decoration from Smartblinds is the addition to your smart home.

Smartblinds’ smart wireless motors are Matter-proof, meaning you can seamlessly connect them to any smart home platform in the future, without the intervention of a bridge.

Smartblinds‘ range in the United Kingdom includes roller blinds and zebra blinds. In addition, you can also order a custom-made smart curtain track to make your current or new curtains smart. If you are curious about Smartblinds’ fabrics, you can request free samples via the website!

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