PM Modi’s stamp on G7! Biden seeking PM’s ‘autograph’ to key meet with Zelenskyy – Viral moments

PM Modi’s stamp on G7! Biden seeking PM’s ‘autograph’ to key meet with Zelenskyy – Viral moments

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again enchanted the world with his charisma and fiery presence at the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan. The PM, like always, has made headlines with his global visit, and this time a few occurrences have managed to grab the world’s attention to India’s significance at the G7 summit.

Modi at G7: Of Hugs and Autographs

Did you catch the viral image of Biden hugging the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Well, it is hard to believe your eyes considering the potshots that have been taken by the POTUS in the past. But, you better believe it. Biden himself walked up to PM Modi and embraced him with a hug on Saturday during a working session of the G7 in Japan’s Hiroshima. The video of their interaction is going viral on social media as well.

According to a PTI report,  one of the points that Biden made on meeting Modi was the large number of requests that he was getting from prominent citizens to attend the Indian leader’s programmes during his next month state visit to Washington DC.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he too was getting similar requests for the event where Modi is due to speak on Tuesday. The report claimed that Albanese remembered the time how around 90,000 people had gathered and welcomed him during the victory lap at the Narendra Modi stadium. Hearing this, Biden told Modi in a lighter vein that he should take his autograph! Well, isn’t that something?

Modi at G7: The Million-Buck Handshake

There has been a lot of controversy around India’s stand over the Russia-Ukraine war. India, has rightly defended and explained its position, and has repeatedly said that it doesn’t support war. India has held a neutral stand in the United Nations and this has been met with a lot of debate from the Ukrainian counterpart.  

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Since then, this was the first time that Modi met the Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and assured him that India will do “whatever is possible” to find a solution to the conflict.The two leaders were seen shaking hands and being cordial.

Zelenskyy later took to Twitter and said, “Had a meeting with Prime Minister of India… in Japan. I briefed the interlocutor in detail on the Ukrainian peace formula initiative and invited India to join its implementation. I spoke about Ukraine’s needs in humanitarian demining and mobile hospitals. I thank India for supporting our country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, in particular, at the platforms of international organisations, and for providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.”

As per The Indian Express, the Ministry of External Affairs in a statement said that Modi appreciated Ukraine’s cooperation in safe evacuation of Indian students from the war-torn region and welcomed the decision by their institutions to hold exams in India for the students.

The prime minister is visiting Hiroshima for the G7 summit from May 19 to 21. PM Modi on Saturday said that India will be willing to host the next Quad (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) meeting in 2024.

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