North Korean TV Releases Strange Video About Kim Jong Un’s Health

North Korean TV Releases Strange Video About Kim Jong Un’s Health

1 Feb    Finance News

In a new propaganda video, North Korea appeared to address rumors of ailing health that have dogged dictator Kim Jong Un.

The video said Kim, who has at times vanished from public view and lost a significant amount of weight, was “completely withered away,” according to independent news and analysis website North Korea News. The TV special included footage of Kim “struggling to walk down a set of stairs,” and reporter Colin Zwirko shared a clip showing the dictator with a noticeable limp:

Both NK News and Voice of America noted that the documentary did not admit to any health problems but said his issues were due to how hard he was working.

Kim has sporadically faced rumors of ill health since he took power in 2012, and has at various points also walked with a limp.

The new film was released amid escalating tensions in the region after North Korea conducted a series of provocative missile launches, including a launch on Sunday believed to have been the pariah nation’s most powerful missile tested in five years.

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