NewsWatch: The real Santa Claus rally is yet to come

NewsWatch: The real Santa Claus rally is yet to come

25 Dec    Finance News

The only stock-market rally that deserves the name ‘Santa Claus’ doesn’t arrive until Christmas — just like the man himself. See full story.

Is this life-changing Christmas gift from my new in-laws too good to be true?

‘I am married to the love of my life and we are currently planning our forever home. It sounds great, and it was — until my new in-laws made their grand entrance.’ See full story.

‘BoJack,’ ‘Sex Education’ and ‘Shrill’ return, making Netflix and Hulu the top streaming picks for January 2020

The recent frenzy of new content will subside in January, giving viewers a chance to pause and catch up — and giving budget-minded subscribers a chance to save money. See full story.

‘Bill Gates is my Secret Santa!’

Michigan woman tells MarketWatch about the 81 pounds of loot the Microsoft founder sent her as part of Reddit’s gift swap See full story.

Want to help out those less fortunate this Christmas? Don’t make it all about you

Rapper Blueface came under fire for tossing cash from a car at Skid Row. See full story.


This is the best time of year to make one big-ticket purchase, new data suggests. See full story.

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