NewsWatch: Sinking U.S. economy hasn’t hit bottom yet

NewsWatch: Sinking U.S. economy hasn’t hit bottom yet

25 Apr    Finance News

The coronavirus capsized what had been the longest expansion in U.S. history. Now the wait is on to see how far the economy sinks before it finds bottom. See full story.

Weekend reads: How states are planning to lift coronavirus restrictions

Also, the SEC takes on COVID-19 hucksters. See full story.

The coronavirus stock-market crash has looked a lot like the global financial crisis and 1987. The recovery hasn’t.

The COVID-19 crash was similar to the crashes from the global financial crisis and 1987 in how stocks of various styles and factors reacted. The recovery hasn’t been. See full story.

IRS pays out $157.9 billion in 88 million stimulus checks

New IRS data show how many people have been paid up to $1,200 each, state by state. See full story.

Meat shortage looms as coronavirus shuts packing plants, leaving farmers with tough choices

While consumers face the prospect of meat shortages as coronavirus-ravaged packing plants shut down across the country, farmers are bracing for tough choices about what to do with livestock they can’t move to market. See full story.


‘Is there anything I can do? I find this very unjust and poorly thought out.’ See full story.

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