New Jersey mayor admits getting drunk, taking off his pants and passing out in employee's bed

New Jersey mayor admits getting drunk, taking off his pants and passing out in employee's bed

30 Jan    Finance News

The mayor of a New Jersey town admitted that he had “too much to drink” when he took off his trousers and crawled into an employee’s bed at a party.

Mahwah mayor John Roth told that he “did go upstairs to bed” and apologised for his drunken behaviour at staff party after a letter from the “concerned employees of the township of Mahwah” circulated in local reports following the incident.

The anonymous letter from employees of the township, roughly 35 miles outside of Manhattan, said news of the incident had “leaked out” and claimed that the mayor’s “considerable disrespect for township employees … threatens our careers and livelihood”.

Roughly two dozen employees reportedly attended the party on 10 January. Asked whether he removed his pants before climbing into a staffer’s bed, he said, “Yes, it’s true.”

Employees had to wake him, and his wife had to pick him up from the party and take him home.

Addressed to Mr Roth, the letter cites “considerable discourse among the employees” and alleged that retaliation and “threats of poor treatment of anyone suspected of leaking the story” were made after reports of his drunken incident surfaced.

The letter says: “It has already caused issues in the offices which make it nearly impossible to work collectively, because of your behaviour.”

Employees demanded Mr Roth gather Mahwah staff together “to make a public apology” or resign from office.

Mr Roth has served in public roles for nearly 20 years. He was elected mayor of Mahwah in 2018 after serving on the township councilman for 12 years and as a school board trustee for five years.

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He was elected to the city’s executive office after winning a special election in a recall of the Mahwah’s previous mayor William Laforet.

Mr Roth is serving out the remainder of his term and is up for reelection this fall

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