Most AC users avoid after-sale service/repair over high cost

Most AC users avoid after-sale service/repair over high cost

13 Jun    Finance News

Around 76% consumers who own air conditioners do not get them serviced by manufacturer/company due to high cost, complicated contact process and time constraints, according to a finding by LocalCircles.

According to the findings, two in three consumers say the service arm of air conditioner manufacturer charges 50% or higher compared to local vendors to provide service/repairs. Also, high cost is the prime reason why consumers do not get air conditioners serviced by manufacturer/company. “Consumers want BIS to issue standards for the after sale customer service of white goods and CCPA to issue rules that ensure timely redressal of service grievances,” the company states.

According to LocalCircles, a large number of complaints against AC manufacturers state that they are extremely slow to respond when it comes to the after-sale service.

“Some consumers have gone to the extent of buying a new AC because the after-sale service and warranty process of the AC brand was non-responsive or broken,” it said.

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