Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been replaced by a body double

Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been replaced by a body double

29 Jan    Finance News

In the latest QAnon theory to emerge from the archives of Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Congresswoman suggested that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was replaced by a body double years before her death.

Ms Greene was speaking in an interview posted to the Facebook page of United America First in February 2019, in which a caller asked about photos of Ms Ginsburg – popularly known as RBG – walking through Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

In the interview, first reported by Media Matters, a caller says of Ms Ginsburg: “All of a sudden she’s walking straight upright like it’s a whole new person. Do you believe that is Ruth?”

Ms Ginsburg died in September 2020, a year and a half after the footage was filmed, following multiple health complications, leading to the appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett and leading to the Supreme Court being a major election issue.

According to a conspiracy theory that first appeared on QAnon message boards, Ms Ginsberg had died years earlier but her death was hidden, and in public appearances was replaced by a body double, to hold onto the Supreme Court seat until after Donald Trump was removed from office.

In the interview with Ms Greene, host Will Johnson interjected that the person seen in the photo was “almost like a body double like Hillary Clinton”. Ms Clinton faced body double rumours of her own after collapsing during the 2016 election campaign.

Ms Greene responded: “I do not believe that was Ruth. No. I don’t think so.”

“I don’t either,” said the caller.

Organisations have been releasing comments made by Ms Greene on her social media platforms amid what she says is a campaign to “take her out” of Congress and de-platform her from the internet.

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Revelations have included her appearing to suggest mass school shootings were staged, and that Democrats should be executed. She has said teams of people have been managing her social media accounts. Video emerged of her harassing a survivor of the Parkland shooting and calling him a “coward” for not answering her questions.

On Friday she said she has raised $1.6m in small campaign donations as a result of the publicity, while seeming to acknowledge the expectations of criticisms over her past comments. She said in a statement she knew they “would come, it was only a question of when”.

“Every attack. Every lie. Every smear strengthens my base of support at home and across the country because people know the truth and are fed up with the lies,” she said in the statement.

“If Republicans cower to the mob, and let the Democrats and the Fake News media take me out, they’re opening the door to come after every single Republican until there’s none left.”

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