Man 'filmed himself beating his girlfriend to death' and then called an Uber to take her to hospital

Man 'filmed himself beating his girlfriend to death' and then called an Uber to take her to hospital

7 Feb    Finance News

A man allegedly filmed himself beating his girlfriend then ordered an Uber to take her to hospital, where she died.

According to a cell phone video obtained through police warrants, Nicholas Forman, 23, from Collegeville, Pennsylvania, could be seen beating his girlfriend Sabrina Harooni, 22, on his lawn, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

“This is what cheating liars get,” the man believed to be Forman says in the video. “You hear me?”

The Uber later called by Forman took Harooni to Pottstown Memorial Hospital on Monday, according to NBC10, where she later died from her injuries.

Charging documents obtained by NBC10 reportedly state that Harooni’s injuries, which included pupils described by the emergency room doctor as “blown out,” indicate head trauma or lack of oxygen.

Forman was arrested Thursday and charged with one count of murder in the first degree and one count of murder in the third degree, according to court records.

According to documents obtained by NBC10, the couple had begun arguing in a different Uber on Sunday night when Harooni reportedly joked about receiving a text message from an ex-boyfriend, the Uber driver told investigators.

The driver said that during the trip to Forman’s home, Forman “continued to get angry,” eventually prompting Harooni to tell him: “You’re scaring me.”

After arriving at Forman’s residence, he reportedly threatened not to allow Harooni to enter and insisted that she “give me the f***ing phone,” the driver told authorities.

According to the driver, he had initially driven down the street but returned with his windows rolled down after continuing to hear the couple arguing. He said he waited until he did not hear any more yelling, around five to 10 minutes, before driving off.

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On Monday, Forman ordered the second Uber for Harooni, who was reportedly unconscious at the time. According to the driver, Forman told him that Harooni had been in a fight the night earlier.

According to reports obtained by NBC10, a nurse described Harooni as “ice cold,” with bruising around her neck, dried blood in her nose and dried vomit on her mouth. While performing CPR on Harooni, the nurse reported feeling fluid in her lungs.

Forman reportedly told investigators that Harooni’s injuries were from being jumped by three women the night prior.

After obtaining warrants to search Forman’s phone, investigators found the video as well as a photo taken shortly before 2.30am of what appeared to be Harooni face-down inside Forman’s home.

During Forman’s arrest, video taken by NBC10 shows him continuing to deny involvement in Harooni’s murder and cursing at reporters.

In response to a question about “who did it,” Forman can be heard saying: “Three girls, not me. This is crazy.”

Forman, who previously plead guilty to charges of disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and harassment in 2014, has yet to be arraigned.

For 24-hour domestic violence support, you can contact The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233.

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