I was a Disney Imagineer for 8 years. Here are 7 things guests should never do in the parks.

I was a Disney Imagineer for 8 years. Here are 7 things guests should never do in the parks.

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I worked as a Disney Imagineer for eight years.Gabriella Sorrento

  • I worked as a Disney Imagineer designing the Florida theme parks for eight years.

  • It’s not safe to sit on the railings in the lines or sneak a kid onto a ride they’re too short for.

  • Flip-flops aren’t going to get you far in the parks, and you shouldn’t try to text while walking.

I worked as a Walt Disney Imagineer for eight years, and I learned a lot of best practices for visiting the theme parks.

Read on for the things guests should never do at Disney World.

Don’t try to text while walking down Main Street in Magic Kingdom

Street view of Magic Kingdom and Cinderella Castle at Disney World.

Street view of Magic Kingdom and Cinderella Castle at Disney World.

You don’t want to roll your ankle on the trolley tracks.Charles Sykes/AP

When you walk into Magic Kingdom, you’re immediately immersed in Main Street USA. The aesthetics make you feel like you’re walking through a real old-timey town, complete with curbs, lamp posts, and trolley tracks.

But if you’re texting and walking, you might accidentally stumble into those features.

Rolling your ankle in the trolley tracks is the worst, so make sure to pull over to the side if you need to look at your phone.

Faking an injury to get a wheelchair or scooter isn’t cool

Wheelchairs and electric conveyance vehicles (ECVs) are available on a first-come, first-serve basis at Disney.

Don’t be that person who fakes an injury to snag one in the hopes of cutting the lines for the day.

It’s not cool, and it takes it away from someone who actually needs it.

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Using flash photography on the rides is distracting and annoying

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World's Magic Kingdom in August 2021.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in August 2021.

Using flash is especially annoying on dark rides, like Pirates of the Caribbean.Amanda Krause/Insider

I know it’s super tempting to whip out your camera on the rides, but the flash really ruins the experience for you and your neighbors.

If you take your camera out on rides like Splash Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean, there’s also a high chance it could get wet.

I know photos are a must while visiting the Disney parks, but luckily, a lot of the bigger rides take pictures of you that you can get through PhotoPass. If you add Memory Maker to your plan, you can even get unlimited digital downloads.

The railings in the ride queues aren’t your personal seats

After walking around the parks all day, it can be really tempting to climb or sit on the railings while waiting for a ride, but you could fall and hurt yourself or another person.

It also slows up the line. Plus, a lot of planning and effort goes into making the queues beautiful, and this beats them up a lot quicker.

Don’t bring plastic straws or balloons into Animal Kingdom

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.David Roark/Disney Parks

Plastic straws and balloons aren’t permitted anywhere in Animal Kingdom because they can become a danger to the animals in the park.

They also aren’t permitted in the water parks or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

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Wearing flip-flops to Disney World is a recipe for disaster

This might be more of a personal opinion, but unless you’re an expert flip-flop walker, you’re asking for some major blisters by wearing them at Disney.

You can walk miles a day around the parks, so a comfortable, supportive shoe is your best bet.

If you’re worried about being hot in sneakers, I suggest you wear Teva sandals because they strap all the way onto your foot and provide a little more support than standard flip-flops.

Don’t argue with ride employees about your child’s height

Disney World Space Mountain entrance

Disney World Space Mountain entrance

The height for each ride is clearly marked at the front of the line.Kim Renfro/INSIDER

There are plenty of low-intensity rides at Disney World — especially in Magic Kingdom — that everyone in the family can enjoy.

But there are a few with height requirements, including Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and The Barnstormer.

Don’t get mad at the park employees at the front of the line for sticking by the rules, and don’t waste your time arguing with or trying to trick them.

They’re just trying to keep your child safe.

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