How To Buy Bitcoin With PayPal?

How To Buy Bitcoin With PayPal?

22 Feb    Business, Finance News

As the fascination with cryptocurrencies continues to surge, the quest to acquire Bitcoin intensifies. Amidst various options, using PayPal emerges as a direct route to procure the most sought-after digital currency.

In this article, we will unravel the seamless journey of how to buy Bitcoin through PayPal, which will offer you a meticulous roadmap for a hassle-free transaction.

Why Should You Buy Bitcoin with PayPal?

To kickstart our journey into purchasing Bitcoin with PayPal, it is essential to understand why this payment method enjoys popularity among crypto enthusiasts.

–       Buyer Protection

When venturing into buying Bitcoin with PayPal, the added security blanket comes in the form of the Buyer Protection Scheme. This safeguard proves invaluable if issues arise with the crypto exchange. This way, it ensures recovery of funds in scenarios like unanticipated fees or non-receipt of purchased Bitcoin. With a straightforward process and a 60-day window for claims, PayPal’s Buyer Protection Scheme provides peace of mind for online Bitcoin transactions.

–       Fast Deposits

A notable advantage of opting for PayPal to buy Bitcoin lies in the swift transaction process. Similar to debit/credit cards, PayPal ensures instant processing. Once the deposit is approved, funds swiftly land in the buyer’s exchange account. This stands in stark contrast to bank account payments, which can often entail several days of waiting. Enjoy the speed and efficiency of PayPal for rapid Bitcoin acquisition.

–       Low Fees

While using PayPal for depositing funds into a crypto exchange offers convenience; it’s crucial to note that fees are comparable to debit/credit cards. This alignment comes with the added benefit of minimizing risks associated with chargebacks. While fees are present, they are balanced against the security measures in place, making PayPal a reliable choice for transactions with added peace of mind.

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–       High Security

Choosing PayPal for your Bitcoin purchase ensures top-notch security. Unlike traditional methods where credit cards details are exposed, PayPal employs an encrypted pop-up box for account logins. This shields your email and password from crypto exchanges. With payment details pre-linked, completing a Bitcoin purchase becomes a secure transaction without compromising sensitive financial information.

–       Speedy Withdrawals

Opting for PayPal extends its speed to fund withdrawals from a crypto exchange, making it a swift and efficient choice. Once the exchange greenlights the withdrawal, funds leave the PayPal account instantly, reaching the buyer’s PayPal account within seconds. Unlike debit/credit cards or bank account withdrawals involving multiple institutions and payment networks, PayPal’s direct transaction approach ensures speedy withdrawals without the delays associated with traditional methods.

Steps to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

The steps to buy Bitcoin with PayPal are as follows:

  1. Select a Crypto Exchange- Choose a reputable crypto exchange that accepts PayPal deposits. Platforms like eToro and Coinbase are popular options offering seamless integration with PayPal.
  2. Account Creation and Verification- Sign up on the chosen exchange, providing basic information like email and contact number. Verify your identity by submitting a copy of your photo ID, such as a driving license.
  3. Deposit via PayPal- Navigate to the “bank” or “account” section, initiate a deposit, and opt for PayPal as your payment method. Follow the redirection to PayPal, where you will sign to confirm the transaction.
  4. Search and Select Bitcoin- Using the exchange’s search function, locate Bitcoin (BTC) with its ticker symbol. Choose the corresponding currency pair, like BTC/GBP or BTC/USD, based on your account funding.
  5. Enter Trade Details- Specify the trade details, including the amount to purchase and the order type (market or limit order). Review the information and click “buy” to confirm your Bitcoin acquisition.
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Is PayPal a Good Place to Buy Bitcoin?

While PayPal offers the convenience of buying Bitcoin directly on its platform, there are drawbacks to consider. High trading commissions, ranging up to almost 20% for smaller transactions, pose a significant cost. Hidden spreads add further uncertainity, as PayPal dose not disclose the exact figures. Moreover, withdrawal minimums of 0.001 BTC may limit options for smaller investors. For a most cost-effective and transparent approach, exploring other reputable crypto exchanges might be a wiser choice than purchasing Bitcoin directly on PayPal’s website.


Selecting the right crypto exchange makes buying Bitcoin with PayPal swift and economical. For those seeking a higher risk/reward profile, exploring options like Bitcoin ETF Token with its attractive features could be worthwhile.

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