Fox News’ Tucker Carlson goes after ‘coward’ Howard Stern over his COVID-19 concerns

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson goes after ‘coward’ Howard Stern over his COVID-19 concerns

21 Jan    Finance News
Howard Stern

Howard Stern Kevin Kane/Getty Images For The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Tucker Carlson is picking a fight with Howard Stern.

The Fox News host devoted a segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight to going after the famed radio host on Thursday, claiming he’s a “coward” for “amplifying his fears about” COVID-19 on his SiriusXM show and “attacking anybody else who has decided to live life as a free person.”

Stern has repeatedly slammed those who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19, in September calling for vaccines to be mandatory so he can “get out of the house already,” adding, “F— their freedom.” That was one comment Carlson took issue with, mocking Stern for “hiding in his basement.”

The Fox News host also criticized Stern for saying Aaron Rodgers should be kicked out of the NFL after he didn’t get vaccinated but implied he did, also playing a clip of Stern raising concerns over Oprah Winfrey holding dinner parties amid the pandemic. Most recently, Stern made headlines this week for saying that those who aren’t vaccinated should be denied care at hospitals, another comment Carlson highlighted.

“He’s declined into this kind of quivering mass of neuroses and hatred,” Carlson claimed, going on to insist he’s not “attacking” Stern despite calling him a “craven tool of the powerful.” Carlson then brought on a guest, comedian Jimmy Dore, who asked if “anybody care[s]” about Stern anymore, as a chyron on the screen dubbed him “Coward Stern.”

Stern, presumably, will not hold back with a response to Carlson on his own show in the days ahead.

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