Digital ad insertions surged by 2.3 times in Jan-Mar 2022 when compared to Jan-Mar 2021: Report

Digital ad insertions surged by 2.3 times in Jan-Mar 2022 when compared to Jan-Mar 2021: Report

29 Jun    Finance News

Digital ad insertions surged by 2.3 times in January to March 2022 when compared to January to March, 2021, as per the data released by AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research. During Jan-Mar’22, the services sector had a 46% share of ad insertions, followed by education with 12% share. The top two sectors together added more than 55% share of ad Insertions on digital. Building, industrial and land materials/equipments and personal accessories were the new entrants in Top 10 sectors’ list, education and computers sectors observed positive rank shift.

Furthermore, compared to Jan-Mar’21, software category dominated the period Jan-Mar’22. Ecom-financial services was the new entrant among the top 10 categories in Jan-Mar’22. The top ten categories added 47% share of digital ad insertions.

Meanwhile, Amazon Online India topped the advertisers’ list on digital followed by Grammarly Inc. climbed to fourth place in Jan-Mar’22, a significant jump from Jan-Mar’21.

Grammarly Keyboard was the most advertised digital brand in Jan-Mar’22, followed by During Jan-Mar’22, there were total of more than 49,000 brands present on digital. Top 10 brands contributed 12% share of digital ad insertions. 

Software had the biggest rise in ad insertions among the growing categories, followed by Ecom-other services during Jan-Mar’22 compared to Jan-Mar’21. In terms of growth percentage, Ecom-financial services category witnessed highest growth percent among the top 10, which is about 8.3 times. Six of the top 10 growing categories belonged to Ecom sector.

More than 30,000 advertisers and over 37,000 brands exclusively advertised during Jan-Mar’22 compared to Jan-Mar’21. In comparison to Jan-Mar’21, Ola Cars ranked first among exclusive advertisers and brands in Jan-Mar’22. Six of the top 10 exclusive brands belonged to services sector, the report revealed. 

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What’s more, excluding YouTube, maintained its position as the leading publisher in terms of advertising during Jan-Mar’22 compared to Jan-Mar’21.

Desktop Display topped with almost half of digital ad insertions during Jan-Mar’22 followed by mobile display on second position with 30% share. Ad Network was the most popular method for promoting ads on digital platforms, accounting for 59% of total ad insertions, followed by programmatic method with 24% share in Jan-Mar’22.

HTML5 ads grabbed highest insertions (45%) on digital closely followed by banner with a 32% share. Video followed on with third position, accounting to 22% share in Jan-Mar’22, the report stated.

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