Corsight AI Partners with Teltex to Enhance Security in Brazilian Schools

Corsight AI Partners with Teltex to Enhance Security in Brazilian Schools

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SÃO PAULO — Corsight AI, a prominent Facial Intelligence technology provider, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Teltex, a leader in CCTV and access control integration in Brazil. This alliance signifies a pivotal advancement in bolstering the safety and security infrastructure of public schools in Alagoas, Brazil.

Teltex, boasting operational centers across all Brazilian states as well as in the USA and Portugal, holds contracts with hundreds of public schools in Alagoas state in Brazil. In response to growing concerns over school safety, Teltex has chosen to incorporate Corsight AI’s state-of-the-art facial recognition technology. This move comes in the wake of several distressing security incidents in Brazilian schools, which have highlighted the urgent need for improved safety measures.

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Gabriel Duardes, Pre-Sales Manager at Teltex and a pivotal contributor to this project, emphasized the initiative’s breadth. “We have embarked on this initiative with Corsight due to its ethics towards our children, accuracy and precision with many ethics groups in Brazil and the unparalleled speed of Corsight Facial Intelligence solution. Our goal is to establish a proactive security framework that effectively deters unauthorized access, creating a nurturing and protected learning environment for students and educators,” Mr. Duardes explained.

Geraldo Sanga, Brazil Regional Sales Director at Corsight AI, spoke about the importance of this collaboration. “Working alongside Teltex, we are addressing a crucial requirement for heightened security in Brazilian educational institutions. Our advanced Facial Intelligence technology plays a key role in this endeavor, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for students and educators,” stated Mr. Sanga.

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This partnership aims to implement a seamless and efficient solution for identifying and mitigating potential threats at school premises. The technology’s role is expected to be fully in production by the middle of 2024 with the deployment of thousands of Corsight licenses within hundreds of schools in Alagoas state in Brazil.

In addition to enhancing school security, this initiative also underscores Corsight AI’s commitment to supporting educational institutions in their pursuit of a safe learning atmosphere. By providing advanced facial recognition technology, Corsight AI and Teltex are setting a new standard in school safety, paving the way for a more secure future for Brazil’s young students.

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