Conservatives plan letter from SME backers in final effort to sway election

Conservatives plan letter from SME backers in final effort to sway election

The Conservative Party is set to release a letter today, signed by numerous small business owners, in a last-ditch effort to persuade undecided voters of their economic stewardship ahead of the general election.

The letter, expected to be published on the final day before the election, is said to be signed by between 100 and 150 SME bosses. The signatories argue that their businesses would suffer under a Labour government.

While the exact content of the letter and the names of those who signed it were not disclosed on Tuesday, insiders describe this move as a critical attempt to counter Labour’s recent momentum. Labour has issued several letters during the campaign, endorsed by businesspeople, though one such letter faced criticism for featuring only one FTSE-100 chair or CEO, Andrew Higginson of JD Sports Fashion.

An SME owner, who declined to sign the Conservative letter, expressed surprise that the party had not more effectively highlighted the differences between the Conservatives and Labour, particularly on potential capital gains tax changes.

Letters of endorsement from business leaders have become a common feature in UK political campaigns, with the Conservatives historically receiving substantial backing from prominent figures. However, the absence of such support in this campaign has been seen as indicative of the party’s poor performance in the polls and its recent governance record.

The Conservative Party has not commented on the letter.

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