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Dec 26

William Watson: The ghost of referendums past and who really won in 1995

Breadcrumb Trail Links FP Comment With new measures reducing the rights of English-speakers, and no response from Ottawa, the Quebec separatists may as well have won A group of Concordia University students protest against the Quebec government’s plan to hike tuition fees at English universities for out of province students, outside the Hall building on […]
Jun 8

William Watson: The PGA/LIV deal may stick, but hypocritical Jay Monahan will have to go

Breadcrumb Trail Links FP Comment Golf prides itself as a sport where honour still matters. The PGA commissioner’s hypocrisy is disqualifying PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan has made a deal with the Saudi-backed LIV golf tour. Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images Article content Does any human activity give greater pleasure (outside the bedroom) than revelling […]
Dec 21

Matthew Lau: Subsidies don’t work in China. Why would they work here?

Breadcrumb Trail Links FP Comment Emulating Chinese central planning will not ensure Canada can either compete with or be protected from China A 2020 Audi Quattro 55 E-Tron electric vehicle is displayed at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. Photo by Chris Helgren/Reuters/File Photo Article content That government economic planning is generally unsuccessful is, […]