BNP Paribas CFO Lars Machenil Full Interview

BNP Paribas CFO Lars Machenil Full Interview

29 Jul    Finance News

BNP Paribas’s net income rose 9.1% in the second-quarter at 3.2 billion euros; with revenues up 8.5% at 12.8 billion euros, beating estimates. FICC revenues were up 14.8% and Equities revenues up 16.1%. The bank posted 789 Million euros in provisions, including more than 500 Millions due to the war in Ukraine and higher inflation. Chief Financial Officer Lars Machenil said he’s confident a recession can be avoided with the action of the central banks. Asked about whether he confirms BNP’s interest in ABN Amro, he said BNP has no interest in buying a bank. Machenil spoke with Bloomberg’s Caroline Connan in Paris.

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