Biden’s dog Major reportedly had a ‘biting incident’ at the White House

Biden’s dog Major reportedly had a ‘biting incident’ at the White House

9 Mar    Finance News

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This Is Why the First Dogs Were Really Sent Back to Delaware

When President Joe Biden took office, many Americans were eager to see some dogs back in the White House, especially the famous home’s first rescue dog. But on Tuesday, Mar. 9, news broke that the pups had vacated for the time being. CNN reported that two insiders informed them that due to an incident with Major, both of the first dogs had to head home to Delaware. This afternoon, however, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed what happened with Major and why the dogs really went back to Delaware. Keep reading to learn more about the alleged incident, and if you can’t get enough of Champ and Major, This Is the One Place in the White House the first dogs Aren’t Allowed. President Biden’s dog Major did cause someone at the White House “minor injury.” CNN reported that President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, EdD, sent their two German Shepherds, Major and Champ, back to the Biden family home in Delaware after an incident at the White House. One of CNN’s sources described the issue as a “biting incident” with a member of White House security.While Psaki did not confirm that Major did, in fact, bite someone, at an afternoon press conference on Tuesday, she said: “On Monday, the first family’s younger dog, Major, was surprised by an unfamiliar person and reacted in a way that resulted in a minor injury to the individual, which was handled by the White House medical unit with no further treatment needed.”When asked if it was a member of the Secret Service that Major bit, Psaki said she didn’t have any details on who the individual was.Best Life reached out to the White House for a comment on the incident, but has yet to hear back. It was already planned for the first dogs to go to Delaware because Dr. Biden is traveling. While CNN connected the incident with Major to the dogs’ return to Delaware, Psaki said, “It had been previously planned already for the dogs to be cared for by family friends in Delaware during Dr. Biden’s travels to military bases this week. She has a three-day trip this week, and the dogs will return to the White House soon.”Psaki previously told Morning Joe that the first dogs “often go to Delaware when the first lady’s traveling.” According to CNN, the first lady is currently touring the West Coast, visiting with military families as part of her Joining Forces initiative. And for more on the nation’s favorite pups, discover The 50 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America. The dogs are still “getting acclimated” to life at the White House. Thirty-one out of 46 presidents have had dogs in the White House, according to Business Insider, but Major is the first rescue dog to take up residence in the famous home. Major was rescued from the Delaware Humane Association (DHA) in Nov. 2018.During the press conference, Psaki said Champ and Major “are still getting acclimated and accustomed to their new surroundings and new people.”Earlier in the day, in an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Psaki said something similar before she had the update on the incident. “Major and Champ are part of the Bidens’ family. They’re members of the family,” she said. “And they’re adjusting to their new home.” And for more rescue dogs, Jennifer Aniston’s Adorable New Rescue Puppy Has the Classiest Name. Major has had some similar issues before. The sources told CNN that Major has previously displayed agitated behavior on multiple occasions, including jumping, barking, and “charging” at staff and security. On the other hand, the older of the two dogs, Champ, has slowed down physically due to his age. Despite their difference in age and energy levels, the two dogs don’t like to be apart from one another.While walking with the first dogs on Valentine’s Day, Biden told the media, “We got Major—he’s a rescue dog. We asked the vet, ‘What can we do to keep Champ going?’ and he said, ‘Get him a young dog.'” And for more up-to-date news delivered right to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter. The first dogs have been well-trained, Biden says. On Feb. 6, POTUS told People that both pups were trained early on. “Champ is old, he’s 14 years old, and he was extremely well-trained by the Canine Corps, and he thinks he’s Secret Service,” Biden said. He went on to describe Major as a “big, little dog.” And for more rescue dogs you need to see, Matthew McConaughey’s Family Adopted 2 Rescue Puppies in a Week.

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