Barclays bank payments restored following app outage

Barclays bank payments restored following app outage

27 Mar    Finance News, News

Barclays has announced that its payment systems and banking app are now fully operational after experiencing glitches that began on Tuesday evening.

The bank issued an apology for the disruption in payments into and out of the accounts of some of its UK customers.

In an update provided at 03:25 GMT, Barclays confirmed that customers could once again make and receive payments without any issues. This update follows earlier reports of problems with logging onto the Barclays app and accessing the bank’s online banking service, as reported by dozens of account holders.

One business customer expressed concern on social media, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation by stating, “this is not a joke or glitch; this is people’s lives.” They highlighted the need for emergency plans in case their money became inaccessible or disappeared.

Responding to customers via its social media platforms, Barclays apologized for the inconvenience and acknowledged the issues affecting some users logging into the app, online banking, and making payments.

Barclays, which serves approximately 20 million customers in the UK and processes over 50 million payments each month, experienced outages reported on DownDetector, a website monitoring IT issues with companies, starting from around 21:15 on Tuesday.

This incident adds Barclays to the list of companies recently affected by technical issues. Last weekend, supermarket Sainsbury’s had to cancel deliveries and accept only cash payments in its supermarkets due to an IT problem. Similarly, Tesco faced similar technical issues. Additionally, fast food chain McDonald’s had to close many of its restaurants globally due to IT outages, attributing the problems to a third-party provider.

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