7 ways to be a great leader

7 ways to be a great leader

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I’ve always been drawn to and had a fascination for exceptional leaders, particularly in the realm of business. I find myself thinking, “What distinguishes these personalities?” “Which qualities and strategies drive them to the top of their respective sectors and industries?”

I have been lucky enough to meet some of the top business leaders on my travels and learned that there are certain traits that appear common among them and everyone can learn them.

Be passionate!

No successful leader ever reaches greatness without passion. There are so many challenges with starting and scaling a business, that if you aren’t super passionate about that business, you will give up – its that simple! Every great leader I have met or worked with has huge passion for what they do. They understand that business, by definition, comes with challenges, and growing a great business is a process of problem solving and over coming those challenges. Often over-coming those challenges can be the making of those businesses.  To overcome those challenges, you need great people, so great leaders don’t just have passion for their business or idea, it extends to the people in their teams. They appreciate the hard work and time their team invests, and this passion reflects in their commitment to the well-being of their people. They understand that the success journey is a joint effort, and they go the extra mile to ensure their team remains passionate about their work and the business.

Promote open communication and cohesion in your team

Effective leadership really hinges on creating a culture where you have transparent communication with your team and drive and maintain a cohesive environment. Great leaders generally are honest and transparent, and lead from the front which sets the tone for the entire team. Many naturally use situational leadership which recognises that everyone is different with diverse communication styles so adapt their approach to each individual. People want to be heard, and great leaders recognise this, really listening to ideas, opinions, and issues which is both empowering and important for team members. By doing this and facilitating open communication between team members, a cohesive environment is formed which can help create a high performing culture.

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Great leaders always have a plan

You can’t get far without a plan. As the old adage goes, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’. Great leaders have a roadmap for everything, their life, their business, everything they are involved in. Most business leaders get this, but the really great ones have this front and centre of everything they do, and are unwavering in their pursuit it. Yes of course the plan will change, and adapt, but ultimately the destination usually remains the same. A solid plan, accompanied by a clear vision, and achievable goals as milestones along the journey helps great leaders deliver their desired outcome. This is the essence of turning a plan into action, and delivering repeatable success.

Inspire Personal and Professional Growth:

Great leaders champion their team’s growth as an integral part of an effective growth strategy. Investing in both their professional and personal development of your team members is crucial. Allocate resources, even if modest, to support their continuous learning. Empower your employees by providing challenging opportunities and guidance, allowing them to overcome obstacles and achieve personal and professional growth. A great leader creates a safe environment where team members can make mistakes and learn from them, giving opportunity for personal and professional growth and ‘failing their way to success’.

Progression and succession front and centre

Great leaders understand that the key to scaling a successful business is to consistently progress their team, and constantly work themselves out of a job through succession. This means always hiring people better than themselves, while giving current team members the opportunity to progress their own careers, through training and development to move up, or move sideways into other roles. The best leaders surround themselves with great people and then develop those great people into great leaders themselves.

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Be agile – act like a start up!

Embracing agility is a crucial aspect of effective leadership and the ability to pivot, be flexible and change when some things are not working. It’s easy to fall into the corporate box and lose that early drive – but great leaders are continuously changing and adapting and innovating, setting new goals and challenges pushing their teams to think differently which helps individuals thrive.

Metrics matter in driving consistent replicable success

Great business leaders understand the metrics that drive success, and manage their businesses tightly against those metrics. They build systems and processes that put metrics at the heart of their businesses, and make sure all team members are aligned and understand those metrics. These collective metrics in a business provide the road map to execute the strategy and allow leaders to adjust different parameters to keep the business on track. Great leaders have been using big data way before the term ‘big data’ was coined. Metrics and data matter – it’s the life blood of any business.


Gareth Lloyd

Gareth Lloyd, serial entrepreneur has built a diverse portfolio over two decades with 30 entities across 18 countries. Co-founding the Amoria Group in 2006, the consulting and staffing business has grown from a modest $100k to $175M in revenues. Gareth’s impact extends to White Lion Foods (WLF), a global Agri-tech group he co-founded in 2012, making WLF the largest exporter of Brazil nuts globally. With the upcoming launch of Truly Nuts in October 2023, WLF commits 25% of profits to Amazon Rainforest projects, showcasing a strong dedication to sustainability. Gareth’s philanthropy includes supporting ABCT, a charity addressing child poverty and education, and his Charitable Trust, which has built 500 homes, soup kitchens, and shelters for underprivileged children in Peru. Residing in Singapore with his family, Gareth’s life philosophy centers on “making humanity healthier, bringing wealth to communities, and leaving Earth in better shape than we found it.

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